Business Information Management

Having worked in IT for over 30 years I developed the Business Information Management Framework which is a best practice based on my experience in IT which aims to improve the interface between business and IT in organisations.

I developed this Framework as lecturer Busines Information Management because I was not very happy with the existing Business Information Management methodologies because they are all written from the IT and not from the business perspective.

Business Information Management focuses on the process of managing information as a strategic resource for improving overall business performance, with an emphasis on the potential for innovative information technologies such as mobile platforms, cloud computing, business analytics and social media.

By implementing Business Information Management as key part of their business development cycle organisations can merge their business and information management together as one integrated business function.

Objectives Business Information Management Framework:

  1. Supporting methodology for implementing and managing a Business Information Management strategy in an organisation;
  2. Having a consistent processes and tools available for implementing and management of the Business Information Management function;
  3. With focus on the control and audit functions available to maintain and improve the quality of business information.

By implementing the Business Information Management Framework within an organisations the business will become primary responsible for managing the Business Information Management Cycle.

For more detailed information see this presentation: Business Information Management Framework or the Dutch version: Business Information Management

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this framework or want to plan a workshop to investigate what this framework can mean for your organisation.

Gerard Geerlings Lecturer Business Information Management

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