A Game Changing Photo

The same day a 26 year old Dutch soldier decided to fight for IS in Syria the 3 year old Aylan Kurdi drowned in the Mediterranean sea trying to escape the war in Syria. The picture of this child made a lot of impact on the world community and was widely shared on social media and probably will have bug impact on public opinion: I hope this will be a game changer and that Europe will take action more to help these refugees.

imageThese pictures and news about the refugees from Syria make me think about the stream of people who left Eastern Europe after the wall came down. This were also a lot of people and you can say afterwards that the integration of all these people in other countries was very succesfull. And now a lot of people who left Eastern Europe are coming back from this ‘Diaspora’ giving Eastern Europe an conomic impuls because they invest in new companies and bring in their experience and knowledge from other countries.

What I don’t understand is how it can it happen that a trained Dutch soldier makes the decision to fight a war where these refugees are fleeing from. Hopefully there will be an international tribunal in the future against all responsible for this exodus including this Dutch soldier, there is no just cause which can justify this.