The week after I flew to Sedona US for a two-day self-development course after being invited by an old colleague. I had some time free on the days of the course, had been in Sedona before and knew it was one of the best places to be in the US. The course was about “Resurfacing”, a technique which aimed to explore your conscience and in the end be the master of your own free will, just what I needed now to define my own Moon project!

When I presented myself at the registration desk in Sedona the lady behind the desk told me I did not pay the whole amount for the course: it was 12.000$ instead of the 1.200$ which I already paid. I was furious because I knew for certain in the invitation I received from my old colleague it stated 1.200$ for the two days and I would not have participated for this amount! I asked the lady to talk to the manager in charge of the workshop and after a few minutes a short bold guy came to me and gave me a cup of coffee and listed to what I had to say without giving me an answer on my questions. He kept smiling and told me he would talk to the legal department and could give me feedback afterwards on what he could do for me.

In the meantime, the workshop started and I had to decide what to do: stay and participate or leave. I decided to stay and participate, after all I was interested in the topic and had traveled a long distance from home. At the beginning of the workshop I met the other participants and I was assigned to a group of twelve people of which 6 were mentors and 6 participants, to my surprise my mentor was the old colleague who invited me for the course, I did not know he was invited also! 4 of the 6 ‘normal’ participants also complained on the price but we did not have much time to discuss because the workshop started and I decided to make my mind free of external stuff so I could concentrate on the course.

The next two days they kept us busy with all kind of exercises, some one to one with the mentors and some with the group. We started the course with identifying our earliest memories and life changing experiences and reflecting on what what we thought were our key drivers and ambitions, a mix of techniques I already experienced before and new ones. The mentors were all experienced master and guided us through the course with a personal approach and were alle ‘Believers” in the methodology developed by the inventor Robin Tree, a former teacher. The key objective of Robin was that by exploring the world of your mind, starting with introspection on your own experiences and connecting them to your beliefs, you will be able to get insight in your identity and will de enable you to set direction to your own life and be in control of your future.

That evening we had some time for ourselves as participants of the course while the mentors were sitting together somewhere else. During the day some of the participants had left the course and, because we were busy all day, we did not know why. In the restaurant I spoke to some other participants and they were all first time attanders and were very positive about the course although some complained on the quality of the mentors who guided them, for some this was the first time, luckily my mentor was very experienced. Only one complained about the money and thought it was a mistake because she knew others who had done the course before and had not complained about it.

Next morning we started with an evaluation of first day and this was for me the opportunity to ask the mentors when we would get feedback on the costs of the course, they were very surprised and did not know there was a problem. My mentor asked me to look at this “problem” from another perspective and ask myself the question “what is this course worth for you?”. If the course would cost nothing would it have the same value for you as if it was very expensive? If the course  would change your life in the sense that you would stop working at your current very well paid job and start a new adventure without a potential high income but more in line with your ambitions would it still be an interesting investment for you? And, if you look back, do the moments in your past life you made choices which changed your life structural had anything to do with money?

At the end of the day I concluded that is was good having done this course and not let me be influenced by the money problem. When checking out I met the short bold guy who I spoke to at the beginning of the course and he introduced himself as Robin Tree, owner and developer of the “Resurfacing” methodology. He told me he would not insist on paying the 12k $ but that I was free of course to pay more if the course was more worth than I thought before participating: on avarage participants of his course valued it ten times higher after then before. It was also a good methodology to ‘shake out” the participants early during the course who were to much focussed on the money and were not able to open their mind. I agreed, without this issue i would have been more relaxed and less focussed, pressure sometimes helps when you want change..

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