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The Social Dilemma

While watching the results of the US presidential elections slowly coming in on CNN at the beginning of November 2020 I switched to Netflix to watch the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ and found out afterwards that my view on the … Continue reading

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Trying to escape Earth

No news received on the physical and mental health of the Tesla Roadster driver Starman who is now almost 16 months in orbit driving his car around the sun. Continue reading

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The Business Information Management Framework

Having worked in IT for over 30 years I developed the Business Information Management Framework which is a best practice based on my experience in IT and aims to improve the interface between business and IT in organisations. I developed … Continue reading

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Where is the Brexit Business Case?

Next week on June 8th there will be new elections in the UK and after this the negotiations around the Brexit between Britain and the EU will start. Michel Barnier, EU’s chief negotiator, has planned these negotiations to start on June … Continue reading

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‘Finally British Again’, a Brexit Comedy!

Script: Finally British Again Gerard Geerlings april 1st 2017 – Inspired by ‘Dad’s Army’ and ‘Fawlty Towers” and ‘House of Cards’. Summary: In Brussels a team of the EU and one of the UK is negotiating the terms and conditions around … Continue reading

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Marina Abramović ‘Walk Through Walls’

Two weeks ago I visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and bought Marina Abramović’s book ‘Walk through walls’ in the museum shop. I just read an interview with her in the Dutch newspaper NRC and was curious about her memoirs written … Continue reading

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The Online Communication Cycle

‘Why are you writing in English’, Simone asked me. She had told me Victor had read my blogs about politics, business and IT on the internet which were sometimes in English. I told her I had two reasons for this: … Continue reading

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The Information Funnel

Two days later I received a phone call from Victor, he was in Amsterdam for a few days and wanted to meet me, did I have some time the next evening? He wanted to discuss something with me. I had … Continue reading

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Protect or Die

Looking back, I was busy with the wrong issues those first twenty days of 2017. I had not foreseen the impact of the big changes which were coming. As soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated he started signing executive orders which … Continue reading

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The Communication Paradox

Victor’s communication paradox was about the problem that, while IT has developed more and more channels of communication for us (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.), growing up has become more and more difficult four young people nowadays and that they experience a lot … Continue reading

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The IBM AS400

Flying back from Sedona I was thinking back on New Year’s Eve and my days in Sedona. During the course, I became friends with one of the other participants, Victor, a writer from the UK, and we spend time together … Continue reading

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The week after I flew to Sedona US for a two-day self-development course after being invited by an old colleague. I had some time free on the days of the course, had been in Sedona before and knew it was … Continue reading

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Waking Up

Woke up this morning with a terrible headache not knowing where I was and how late. I did not recognize the room and also noticed I did not sleep alone: it could not have been that bad yesterday… While slowly … Continue reading

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Channel Management: how to improve your market share in a fast changing world

The world is changing rapidly at this moment; the election of Donald Trump and Brexit are two examples of big changes which will have a lot if impact for the business of companies who sell their products and services on … Continue reading

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World Wide Trends 2016

At the end of the year it’s always good to look back and try to get a picture of the long term trends going on at this moment: what is going on and is influencing our daily lives significant? Without going into … Continue reading

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