World Wide Trends 2016

At the end of the year it’s always good to look back and try to get a picture of the long term trends going on at this moment: what is going on and is influencing our daily lives significant?

Without going into the details below 10 trends maybe already going on for some time which could explain a lot of the turbulence in the public domain in 2016:

  1. Elections are not about ideology but about personalities, being rich and famous helps being elected
  2. Policies are made after elections and not before so voters don’t know where they are voting for
  3. Predicting elections is not easy because of social media hypes and voters volatility
  4. Ideology is based on keeping existing privileges for the community you belong to
  5. People want to belong to a virtual community by which they can influence politics rather than becoming political active in one particular political party
  6. The number of religious people is decreasing worldwide but the ones still believing are more  orthodox in their own religious community
  7. International collaboration is not successful any more and bilateral agreements between countries become more popular causing more inequality between states
  8. International immigration on economic reasons for those who are not privileged can’t be stopped and will increase when inequality between countries increases
  9. Wars are started because of economical reasons using religious or nationalistic arguments as an excuse
  10. Fighting a war outside your country is becoming popular for the ones who are not privileged, this problem will grow as long as inequality increases worldwide

Predicting the future is always very difficult but analysing major trends may help, feel free to send me your comments, it would be very interesting to know what you think about this top 10 list!

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@ 31 december 2016: column Arnon Grunberg on the same topic: