Trying to escape Earth

While hundreds of humans are trying to escape Earth by climbing the Mount Everest, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched 60 Starlink satellites to orbit with the ambition to have 12.000 satellites in orbit next year for continuous coverage and controle of the most populated areas on Earth, others companies have similar plans to prevent space from becoming to crowded by humans.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Roadster, which was send to space by the owner of the Space X programme Elon Musk, one of the richest persons on Earth worth 18.1 billion USD. On February 6th 2018 the Roadster was 326,978,460 km (18.18 light minutes) from Earth moving toward Earth at a speed of 24,858 km/h and 218,747,154 km (12.16 light minutes) from Mars, moving toward the planet at a speed of 42,756 km/h. No news received on the physical and mental health of the Tesla Roadster driver Starman who is now almost 16 months in orbit driving his car around the sun.

At the same time the American diver Victor Vescovo, an American private equity investor, broke the record for deepest submarine dive ever, he traveled seven miles down to the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana Trench in the Pacific and found a plastic bag at the bottom of the ocean. Victor served 20 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve, retiring in 2014 as a Commander (O-5). In 2017, Victor Vescovo earlier became the 12th American to complete the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” which requires climbing the highest peak on all seven of the world’s continents including the Mount Everest, and skiing at least 100 kilometers to both the North and South Poles. He is also an instrument-rated, multi-engine jet and helicopter pilot.

Gérard La Lune – May 26th 2019 – Space reporter

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