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Are you planning to start your own business or perhaps already in the process of setting it up? Or do you have your own business already, started without a business case and have problems making money out of it? Or are you now looking to expand, increase or decrease services and activities? Do you have the feeling you lost clear focus and need to re-clarify the main objective of your business?imageFor this purpose I developed a training workshop on developing your business case: during the workshop you will be guided on conceptualizing and writing your business case and challenged if your case has real potential,  which areas contain risks  or you need external help etc.

The workshop is interesting for 1) those who have already a business case and need to pitch their plan to an investor and see if their plan is solid enough to attract the financial injection they need but also for 2) those who don’t have a business case yet and are in the proces of translating their ideas into a formal business case.

Gerard Geerlings, the facilitator of the workshop, has a track record in Business Planning & developing and reviewing Business Cases & Business Plans. Based on this experience he developed a methodology which helps startups to develop their own Business Case in 7 steps: The Business Case Funnel Gerard Geerlings june 2015During the workshop he wil introduce this methodology and give you a chance to test your own case by going through a checklist with others. The aim of the workshop is to give you new insights on what you are good at and understand where you should focus on to improve your case.

Next workshop: June 20th 2015 14:00 – 17:00 organized by e3events Pedro de Medinalaan 1, Amsterdam or signup with Meetup

Feel free to contact me if you want more information or want to plan a simular workshop!

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Gerard Geerlings, socioloog en schrijver, schrijft online over wat er zoal aan de hand is op het terrein van de digitale samenleving, de troost van kunst, praktische levenskunst en de actuele politiek.
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